Friday, October 9, 2015

Force and Destiny Beginner's Game Pt.1 (Bonus Scene XI, Episode 0) - Podcast

In this bonus episode of Never Tell Me The Odds, we play through the Force and Destiny Beginner's Game... sort of. Get acquainted with the new rules from FFG's latest addition to the Star Wars RPG universe, as we push the rules into strange new areas.

Never Tell Me The Odds is a Star Wars RPG live play podcast. New adventure every Friday. Four L.A. based professional comedians / improvisers attempt to keep their Star Wars characters alive on the edges of the Empire. Uses the popular Fantasy Flight Games RPG system.
Never Tell Me The Odds is a Star Wars RPG live play podcast, where four professional comedians / improvisers doing their best to stay alive on the edge of the Empire. New episodes every Friday!

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Force and Destiny Beginner's Game Pt. 1 - (Episode 0; Scene 11)

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