Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Porkins Brothers (Ep. III, Scene XI) - Podcast

Episode 3, Scene 11

The dramatic conclusion of Episode III - Pit of Despair! Merce's crew, still reeling from the loss of their comrades, find themselves on the precipice of doom. The Pit nears self-destruction, even as freed prisoner Quintel attempts to negotiate with former crew member P-9L. Meanwhile, P-9L takes aim at the back of Quintel's head, seeking revenge for the precious amulet he stole from her. On top of all this, insane Jedi Iron Gan still seeks their heads!

Never Tell Me The Odds is a Star Wars RPG live play podcast, where four professional comedians / improvisers doing their best to stay alive on the edge of the Empire. New episodes every Friday!

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The Porkins Brothers - (Episode 3; Scene 11)

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