Sunday, May 8, 2016

Polymorphously Perverse (Episode III, Scene IV) - Podcast

Episode 3, Scene 4

The defecting Imperials - Merc the fearless commander, Dakk the daredevil pilot, Grango and Toydarian, and Ri the Rodian Bounty Hunter - have made it to the viper's nest that is the command center of the planetary penitentiary P-1T, now they must descend to the hellish prisoner's work floor.

Featuring special guest star: Gippy Bindoo!
Never Tell Me The Odds is a Star Wars RPG live play podcast, where four professional comedians / improvisers doing their best to stay alive on the edge of the Empire. New episodes every Friday!

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Polymorphously Perverse - (Episode 3; Scene 4)

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