Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Typhon Soont - Elite Hand of the Emperor - Star Wars RPG Adversary Stats

The Emperor has many servants, but none are so feared as the dreaded Emperor's Hand!

Personally selected and trained by the Emperor, these elite, force-sensitive agents operate apart from any department in the Empire, exerting their Master's will as needed in "sensitive" matters across the galaxy. Each Hand of the Emperor operates alone and, in fact, each each is ignorant of the existence of any other bearing the title.

Bring one of these dreaded agents - Typhon Soont, into your game!

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Typhon Soont was already a powerful, and conflicted, Jedi before the Emperor got to him. After the destruction of the Jedi Order on Coruscant, Typohn Soont gave into his dark urges - abandoning the tempered ways of the Jedi and embracing hate, rage and a thirst for power.

Soont's out-of-control actions soon led him into the Emperor's grip. The Jedi fell easily to the delusional whispers of the dark side, and soon became one of the Empire's deadliest agents. The fallen Jedi's erratic, individualistic streak keeps him from taking charge of any of the Emperor's most important goals, but he is nevertheless a deadly, and implacable, opponent wherever he is encountered.

Typhon Soont favors an unusual form of lightsaber dueling based on dance-like acrobatics. Combined with his truly unique "fan-blade"saber staff, penchant for showmanship, and general panache, this makes him an extremely unpredictable opponent on the battlefield.

Typhon Soont appears in the Never Tell Me The Odds! podcast. First appearance: Episode I, Scene III

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