Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Taun taun - Game Stat Block

Taun taun - Game Stat Block

The temperature is rapidly dropping, the speeders haven't been adapted to the cold yet, and your friend is out there on that glacier somewhere. Sounds like you need a taun taun!

The taun taun stats below feature the new Mount attribute - which allows a player to ride a creature, using the vehicle rules in the Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion rule books.

A GM should feel free to apply this attribute to any appropriate creature in their campaign to create exciting encounters with/on vehicle sized creatures. For reasons of keeping the rules streamlined, Piloting (Planetary) is the default skill for riding a mount. However, depending on on the situation, or GM's inclination, the Piloting (Planetary) skill could be replaced by Leadership, Coercion, Survival, or even Knowledge (Xenology).

The taun taun is a rather modestly sized and modestly paced life form - but there's no reason this attribute couldn't be applied to airspeeder-sized falcons or starship-sized leviathans.

Creature Notes: Although a person would have to be truly desperate to try it, the tauntaun's thick pelt and natural insulation can provide a surprisingly effective shelter against severe weather. A character using a tauntaun's body as protection from the elements can gain up to 3 Boost die (■■■) on any Survival or Resilience checks they need to make, although they're likely to smell like rank tauntaun for days to come.


  1. Would you be willing to share the template and/or assets that you use to make these sheets?

  2. Absolutely! This template is a modified version of OggDude's amazing Star Wars RPG Character Generator program.

    It's available to download for free here:

    I've started using some new templates for our other Game Supplements. I'll make them all available in a post in the near future.