Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Sarlacc Pit of Carkoon - Game Stat Block

The Sarlacc Pit of Carkoon - Game Stat Block

Sometimes a good adventure set piece is missing something, and that something is a giant, fanged pit that dissolves people over a thousand years. To that end, here is the stat block for the all-powerful Sarlacc!

The Sarlacc (Nemesis)  Brawn 5; Agility 1; Intellect 1; Cunning 3; Willpower 1; Presence 1  Soak: 5 Wound: 50 Strain: 20 Melee/Ranged Defense: 0/0   Skills: Brawl 2 (●●♦♦♦) Survival 2; (●●♦) Resilience 3; (●●●♦♦) Vigilance 2 (●♦)  Talents: None  Abilities:  Subterranean: (The Sarlacc nearly completely concealed below ground. A Sarlacc is immobile, and its body cannot be directly targeted for attacks without major excavation.)   Grasping Tentacles: A Sarlacc's can extend many thick tentacles from its maw. Because of the Sarlacc's great size these tentacles can attack out to Medium range (see Inexorable Pull, below). These tentacles can be used to drag one victim into its maw while attacking another. On a successful attack, a victim is grasped and immobilized. As long as a victim is immobilized by a tentacle, the Sarlacc inflicts 2 strain and 1 wound at the start of the victims turn.A victim can escape a tentacle either by making an opposed Brawl check, or a Challenging (♦♦♦♦) Athletics check . Alternatively, an attack dealing damage to a tentacle may make it release. Attacks of this nature require careful targeting, either through using the Aim maneuver, or by scoring 3 Advantage or higher on a combat check.  Inexorable Pull: At the start of each round a creature that is immobilized by the Sarlacc, it is dragged one range band closer to the maw. When a creature is pulled into Engaged range, the Sarlaac can make a bite attack. On a successful bite, the creature is swallowed whole by the Sarlaac, to be digested over ten centuries of agony.The closer a creature is pulled toward the Sarlaac's maw, the harder it is to escape. At Short range the victim add  1 Setback Die (□) to any opposed escape checks, at Close range 2 Setback Die (□□) are rolled, and at Engaged range 3 Setback Die (□□□) are rolled  - assuming the creature has not yet been eaten.  Equipment: Tentacles (Brawl, Damage 4, Critical 4, Range [Medium]) Fanged Maw (Brawl, Damage 8, Critical 4, Range [Engaged])


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